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The state of Colorado has some norms that you have to complete in order to keep your business in good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State. The most important is the periodic report that all the corporations, Colorado LLCs, trusts, and non-profits should file, whether they are foreign or domestic.

If you want to protect your identity, or prefer the convenience, you may want to consider our filing service. We will file your periodic report using our name. This keeps your information out of the public record. This way you also have nothing to worry about when it comes to compliance.

If you want to do it yourself, then you may continue with our step-by-step guide.

Colorado Secretary of State

Corporate Structures & Strategies

The process has to be completed in one sitting and we recommend you avoid using the "back" button in order to avoid problems with the Secretary of State's website.

First, enter the Colorado Secretary of the State's website here. Then look for the business home page and click on "Periodic report filing".

You will be redirected to a page in which you will have to type either the business name or the ID number of your company. If you type the name of your company a list of related companies will be displayed and you will have to select which one is yours. If you type your ID, you just have to make sure the information is correct and click on the "confirm" button.

Registered Agent & Other Updates

If you want to update your mailing address, principal office address or registered agent, then you may do so on the following screens. You will also have a chance to verify additional contact details such as your phone and email.

Once you have completed this section, click on the "submit" button and the process will be almost completed. If it does not redirect you to another page into the website, scroll up and down until you find the red messages that will identify if you have not completed one required element or if you have any problems or errors in the form. Once you correct the identified errors, you will be ready to go ahead and click on the submit button and be redirected to the next step.

When filing, if you selected "Additional Individuals are Causing Delivery" then you will be presented with a screen for attaching the required documents. This document should include the last name, first name and the address of each person. If the person is out of the United States the list should include the name of the country and the region where he or she is located. Once you have completed this step just click on the continue button and a preview of the form will be shown to you.

In this part it is important that you read carefully in order to make sure all the information is correct and that you did not commit any mistakes. If you notice that something is not what you wanted to express you can change it by clicking on the "Return to form" button and your form will be available for you to make as many changes as necessary. If all the information is according to your company's information you can click in the button "Accept" and your payment options will be displayed.

Make Payment

Once you are in the payment screen you have to type a credit or debit card number to pay for the form process. It is important that you keep in mind that the State of Colorado just accepts VISA, MasterCard, and American Express as valid credit or debit cards; it is also important that you don't write the dashes or the spaces when you type the number of your credit card. Once you have selected the card you will use just click on the "Pay Now" button and your payment will be completed. Remember to not click on the "pay now" button more than once because it could charges the amount of money as many times as you click.

After you confirm your payment it could show a warning message that says that you are leaving the safe part of their website, do not worry and click on "Yes" to continue.

That's It!

After this step you will be redirected to a page that confirms your process has been successfully completed and it will appear in the History and Documents of your Business, if you want physical confirmation about your process you can also print the form from the website, it is not required but you can do it if you want.

If once you complete the form, the website says that you expired out or that your time is over, do not try to fill the form again until you have the history of your business in the home page, because most of the time the process is already complete even if the page shows to you an error message. If after you checked in the History of your business the process you just did does not appear you will need to do the whole process again.

This process has a 3 months period available since the moment you register your business, it is important that you do this process in this 90 available days, if you don't you have to make this process but it will have a cost of $40 instead of $10.

As a last step it is recommended to remember the date you did this process and schedule it, in order to repeat this process again in the following years. This article is part of our resource series on incorporating in Colorado.

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