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An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a personal number assigned to your LLC or corporation. This number is the equivalent of the Social Security Number (SSN) and it is required to open a bank account, have employees and file a tax return if there is more than one member. It is also important for separating personal assets from the ones that are related to your business.

If you want to apply to get the EIN for your business and you don't want to have any trouble while filling the application form, here we list some of the most important tips and steps for you to apply online. Remember that this form should be completed in one sitting and it cannot be left for later once you have started. Another important thing is that after 15 minutes with no activity, the form will be closed and your progress will not be saved.

Step by Step

Corporate Structures & Strategies
  1. Be sure that you already have a Taxpayer Identification Number in the State of Colorado. It does not matter if it is an SSN, ITIN or EIN, but something that is really important is making sure that the business that you are trying to register is located within US territory.
  2. Enter to IRS website and click on "Employer Identification Number" located in the FILE tab in the menu.
  3. Even though we have most of the points already covered conveniently in this article we recommended that you carefully read the recommendations the IRS mentions before you start filling the form. This is in order to avoid any possible problem in the process.
  4. If you have already read the instructions click on the “Apply Online Now” button which is located below the instructions. Once you have clicked the button a notification saying that your process could be monitored will appear.
  5. In the next step you will be redirected to a page where some other recommendations to fill the form will appear in order to make sure you will complete the form in one sitting.
  6. After this you will be redirected to a page where you have to define the structure of the business for which you are applying to the EIN, here you just have to select the option that best describes the intention of your business.
  7. Following this you will have a screen in which the information you have just gave will be presented in order to make sure that the information is correct or according to what your business is. If the information is correct click on continue.
  8. Once you have already completed this step you have to answer some questions in order to specify some details about your business, like how many people work in it and which is the state (different to Colorado) where it is currently located.
  9. Another confirmation screen will appear showing the classification of your business according to the previous given information. If the information is correct click on continue.
  10. In the next step you will be asked about the reasons why you want to apply for the EIN in the State of Colorado, it will appear as a displayable list from which you can choose the one that best works for you. Most of the people select banking purposes or starting a new business.
  11. The next step is where you choose who has the responsibility of your business; in this step you have to choose either an existing business (with a valid EIN already created) or an individual (with their SSN).
  12. If you have chosen an individual some information about yourself will be asked for, which is really easy to complete. For example you first name, last name and also your SSN or ITIN. In this part you have to specify if the business is yours or you are representing another person in this process.
  13. Once you have completed this part you will need to provide some information about the business, like the legal name and the county and state where it is located. Make sure that the information you are giving is current and correct.
  14. Some yes and no questions are the next step in order to get some specific details about your business. It is really important to answer them honestly to complete this process.
  15. You have to select the category in which you think your business corresponds, it could be even in finance or even in real estate.
  16. Once you have selected the category that better fits to you, you have to choose some more specific options from a list that will be displayed from the one you have chosen.
  17. The last step is to choose in which way you want to receive the letter of confirmation, you can select online via email or physical by regular mail.
  18. Once you have chosen the way in which you will receive your letter just click to confirm one last time and that’s it! Your application has been successfully completed.

These steps ensure you have correctly completed the application process to your business which means that you are already in the way to get a bank account, hire new employees and start your business in Colorado. Find out more about forming a Colorado LLC, registered a Colorado business and our registered agent services.

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