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Jonathan Feniak, Esq., MBA

When forming an LLC in Colorado, you will need to maintain a registered agent. One of the great perks of using our agent service to fulfill this requirement, is that we can provide mail scanning and mail forwarding services. With our registered agent service, you receive five pieces of mail forwarding for free every year. After the first five, it is only the charge of postage for mail forwarding. If you are looking for solely mail forwarding services, view our options below.

Mail Service Benefits

There are a number of reasons why using a mail service can benefit you and your business. Some of the most common reasons we see from our clients are the following:

Efficiency: Our mail service keeps things simple. If you choose to have your mail forwarded, we send your packages to whichever location you choose. If you choose scanning, simply log in to your online portal at any time you want to see your mail. Our service takes the work out of your hands and eliminates the need for extra employees.

Privacy: Our mail service offers you an extra layer of privacy. You have the option of using our address for both mail and listing on official documents. If you combine this with our registered agent and incorporation services, your personal information will be completely private and free from any publicly available documents.

Establishing Nexus: Our mail service helps you establish corporate nexus. By maintaining a physical presence through use of a virtual office, you can establish corporate nexus for your Colorado corporation or LLC.

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Mail Scanning & Handling

If you enlist our registered agent services in Colorado, then your first five pieces of mail scanning are free each year. Additionally, any junk mail or mail associated with registered agent matters is not counted towards your five pieces. The only charge your five pieces might incur is if forwarding and postage are necessary. Otherwise, there is no additional charge. Also, if you enlist our services to form your LLC, then the first year of registered agent service is free.

For our clients expecting a larger package volume, you have the choice of selecting from our mail forwarding options (prices are a yearly rate):

  • Registered Agent Service: $49
  • Monthly: $100
  • Weekly: $150
  • Daily: $200

With these options, the mail scanning is free. The only charge that occurs is for postage when necessary. These same price options are available for international clients, as it does not make a difference where you are located. If you have already registered your LLC or corporation with the state but wish to enroll in our virtual office or registered agent service (or both), we can make this change for you with the Secretary of State. Then, whenever you decide, you can start using the new address for any business-related endeavors. Simply login to your online client portal to signal the change.

Physical Address for Your Business

As one of our clients, you also receive access to our physical address. This business address can be used on official document filings, business cards, invoices, your website, among others. This option is free to you and can aid in convenience and privacy. A physical business address helps to elevate our mail service above the other options that merely provide a post office box or virtual address. A physical address offers a number of benefits and opportunities for your business.

Colorado Virtual Office

If you are looking for additional features to include with your mailing service, our Colorado virtual office can offer you a business address, as well as a commercial lease agreement. The virtual office service also includes unlimited phone and mail forwarding. This option is great for our clients that value their privacy or want to establish nexus in Colorado. Additionally, online companies without a physical presence frequently use this option. Our virtual office service also allows you the option of renting physical office space if necessary.

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