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Every Colorado company is required to name a registered agent in Colorado. If we form your Colorado LLC, then you receive your first year of Colorado registered agent service for free.

You may act as your own registered agent, but we don't think it is a good idea. If you act as your own registered agent, your home address and other information will be available online. This will likely lead to not only spam calls, but junk mail too. Consider us an inexpensive spam filter!

Our Agent Service Includes:

  • 1st Year Free if We Form Your Company
  • We File All Paperwork For You
  • Keeping Your Info Private
  • Option to Use Our Address
  • Compliance Reminders
  • All State Fees
  • Peace of Mind
  • & More

Registered Agent Requirement

You can act as your own registered agent if you have an address in Colorado that can accept legal documents, known as service of process, during regular business hours. You can even use your home address if it meets this requirement, but if you value your privacy you will not want to do this because the registered agent's name, address, phone, and email are published to the Secretary of State's website and are searchable by Google.

What is a registered agent?

Your registered agent is responsible for receiving and relaying official documents to the company. This responsibility is one you won't think much about it until something goes wrong, then it will be too late. That is why we recommend a professional Colorado registered agent service.

3 Things Every Registered Agent MUST Do
  1. Have a physical address in Colorado
  2. Be open during normal business hours
  3. Accept and relay important documents to the company

The registered agent accepts official documents, is informed of the need to file reports with the Secretary of State, and provides a public face to the company since it is their information that is published by the Colorado Secretary of State.

Your agent must have a physical address and cannot be a PO Box, Personal Mail Box (PMB) or virtual office. It also should NOT be a personal residence.

Can you be your own registered agent?

Some people try to save money, and think acting as their own registered agent will provide them the cheapest registered agent in Colorado. Unfortunately, if you act as your own registered agent you will not be able to keep your ownership of your company anonymous because you will have to list your home address, phone number, email, and name in the Secretary of State records for the entire world to see. There is no good reason to share your personal information publicly. Learn more about mail forwarding and virtual offices here.

4 reasons NOT not to be your own agent:
  1. Your name, address, and phone will be posted and searchable online.
  2. You may not be around to receive important documents.
  3. Everyone will know who the owner of the company is: You!
  4. Being served with a lawsuit at your home is embarrassing!

The Right Price

Following our belief in keeping things simple we charge a simple $49 annual fee to be your agent. This is half the price of national providers and makes us among the cheapest registered agents in Colorado. Why pay more for someone that pushes you to a call center and doesn't know the local laws? We enjoy providing high quality local service at an affordable price. We also provide numerous resource articles on registering a business in Colorado.

Forming a Colorado LLC

If you form your LLC or Corporation with us, then you receive your first year of registered agent service free. Our registered agent service always includes scanning and uploading any official documents or correspondences to your online mail portal at no charge. For physical forwarding of mail to any address of your choosing we charge a fee in addition to the cost of postage. This is a great choice for companies that receive less than 10 pieces of mail per month because it is much cheaper than renting a mailbox or hiring a mail forwarding company with fixed monthly costs.

Each company receives 5 free pieces of mail scanning and uploading each year. If you require additional mail scanning and uploading, you may either purchase it a-la-carte beginning at $5 per piece with a 5 piece minimum, or you may opt for one of our Colorado Virtual Offices. They include use of our address, a toll free or Colorado phone number, and ten pieces of mail per month. We charge much less than you would pay for mail forwarding service, renting an office, or even renting a P.O. Box.

You will also receive the following documents when you form your LLC with with us:

  • Articles of Organization;
  • Organizational Meeting Minutes;
  • LLC Certificate of Formation;
  • LLC Operations Manual;
  • Resolution to Open a Bank Account; and
  • Operating Agreement.

The LLC Operations Manual is a 37 page document that will answer almost any question you could have about running an LLC. And, because we are a law firm, you can st up a time with a licensed attorney to review these documents with you and customize them if you need a document that meets your company's particular needs. Use the contact link on this page to find out more about working with our attorneys.

In future years, we will notify you when your periodic report is due and we can file it for you if you wish. Having us file your periodic report keeps you information private, reduces your work load, and keeps compliance with Colorado's law's easy!

Colorado Companies

If we form your Colorado LLC or Corporation you receive your first year of registered agent service free. Our fees also include the state filing fee, submitting your Articles of Organization or Incorporation, drafting a resolution to open a bank account, completed bylaws or operating agreement, and other important documents. Regardless of your industry, we do not recommend operating as a sole-proprietorship. A sole-proprietorship imposes unlimited liability on the owner, may cause you to pay more in taxes, and does not provide you with privacy. Follow our links to learn more about forming an LLC or Corporation.

Colorado Estate Planning

Our Colorado law firm offers a full suite of services to businesses, individuals, and families. In addition to business formations, we focus on drafting Colorado trusts and estate planning. We believe everyone has a right to receive affordable services and advice for their business and in their personal like. To discuss all of your business formation, business planning, and estate planning concerns and find out how he or she can help address them, contact our qualified and experienced estate planning attorneys through the contact link on our website.

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