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Registering a Foreign LLC in Colorado

Corporate Structures & Strategies If you started a business outside of Colorado, but are interested in doing business here, then you should apply to register your business in Colorado as a foreign entity. It's not a difficult process but a few steps must be followed. Thankfully, we've listed them here for you.

Doing Business in Colorado

If your business is treated as "doing business" in Colorado, it should be registered in Colorado as a foreign entity. Being a foreign entity does not mean that your business was formed in a foreign country, it means any business entity formed in another state.

Colorado Law requires any entity that is doing business in the state of Colorado to maintain a physical address in the state of Colorado. Our Colorado registered agent service satisfies this requirement.

Registration & Registered Agent

To register your foreign LLC in the state of Colorado, you have to file a Foreign Limited Liability Company Application for Registration. The Secretary of State for Colorado approves these documents, and you can easily acquire the required forms at the Secretary of State website here.

The information you provide is this form is similar to what you would provide to form a Colorado LLC, but there are meaningful differences. You will need some of documents you previously used to form the LLC in the state in which the LLC was originally formed. The documents and requirements you will need are the following:

  • The name of the Limited Liability Company when you formed it in its original state
  • If you want to change the business name, provide the name under which your LLC will operate, as well as the original name
  • The state where the LLC was originally formed
  • The date when your Limited Liability company was formed
  • You might also need to specify the location where your business operates
  • Your main offices address
  • The address and the name of the registered agent for the state of Colorado
  • The name of all the persons that are legally related to the LLC
  • The signature of the person responsible for your LLC

You might also need to show that your registered agent is available to accept and receive official documents during normal business hours.

In some situations you might need you to provide a recent Certificate of Existence or a Certificate of Good Standing, issued by an agency in the state where your LLC was originally formed. While you may submit an original document, it will be fastest to upload an electronic copy.

It might take a month or more to complete this process from beginning to end, but in most cases your application will be approved quickly. A copy of the form you submitted will be sent to you by the Secretary of State when the process is complete, or, if you have elected to have us complete the process for you, we will notify you when your application has been accepted.

What happens if you don't register?

There are fines you could face, as well as not enjoying the benefits of a limited liability company in Colorado. If you are sued in Colorado and a court rules that you did not register to do business in Colorado, then you may not enjoy any liability protections, making you personally liable. This is in addition to fines you may face for operating without registering. These penalties may be imposed for every year you are not registered, so be sure to register your foreign LLC in the state of Colorado! Click here to learn more about corporations.

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