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Foreign Corporation Registration

In the state of Colorado, the fee to register a foreign corporation is $100. And conveniently, online processing only takes one day, which means you'll have your foreign corporation registered in Colorado in no time. Keep in mind that you won't receive anything from the Colorado Secretary of State unless your filing is rejected, in which case the submitted documents will be returned to you. However, within two weeks you'll be able to verify your foreign entity filing status on the Secretary of State website.

The forms and documents you have to submit are quite simple, really. You only have to submit the statement of foreign entity authority, and a cover letter that includes the contact's name, phone number, and address, in case any questions or further inquiries have to be made. That's it, nothing is needed from your home state for this application.

Even though you don't need any documentation from your home state, you will need a registered agent in the state of Colorado. You can hire us to act as your registered agent in Colorado. Contact us and we can easily set everything up so that you have the registered agent information you will need to register your foreign corporation in this state. The registered agent doesn't need to sign anything on the filing, and the signatures that are needed don't have to be original. Any person that can confirm that the information on the form is accurate can sign the filing to register you foreign corporation in Colorado.

You can file the Colorado Statement of Foreign Entity Authority through the Colorado Secretary of State website. The same fee and the same form are used regardless of the type of entity you're registering in the state. You most likely won't need to worry about county filing or publication, unless the county in which your registered agent resides requires it.

Once you are registered in Colorado as a foreign entity, you will be required to file periodic reports with the state of Colorado. Periodic reports are due annually on the month that corresponds with the anniversary of your filing, so make sure to file before the month is over. Learn about forming a Colorado LLC here and Corporation here.

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