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Sole proprietorship (sole props) are businesses that just one person runs without any business entity of a formal nature. This is a common way gor passions and hobbies to start out. Not everyone with business ventures will create a corporation of LLC immediately.

Many times, the company connects to the hobbies of the owner. However, sole proprietorships are not always in the best interest of your company. Becoming companies come with many advantages. There are tax benefits with incorporation, plus benefits for privacy and asset protection.

Why would an owner choose to remain a sole prop? Why does forming a Colorado LLC make more sense?

Reason to Remain a Sole Prop

  1. The process of starting sole prop business is simple. The only thing you need to complete is begin earning money in exchange for services or products. While many sole proprietorship opportunities exist, not all of these will deliver good returns. Even so, they tend to be straightforward and simple, which lead to people almost starting them by accident.
  2. Certain business owners appreciate that sole props allows them to be the only one with the say in business. As long as the laws are followed, you can make all the decisions, including you office space, services and products. Your profits are also there to use however you want. It is even possible to choose your payment schedule, include daily payments. Your only requirment is to provide the IRS with accurate information.
  3. In the case of sole proprietorship that is only you want without employees, there is not even a requirement for a separate bank account that has its own Federal Tax Identification Number. You can rely on your personal social security number. Keep in mind however, that taxes become simpler with the Federal Tax Identification Number. Overall, with a sole prop, your finances and personal life are connected to your business, if you want.
  4. To add to this, you can select the size of your business as a sole proprietorship. Some business owners will be satisfied with a smaller company and its earnings while others will prefer to grow. For many owners, it is simpler to manage a smaller business.
  5. Additionally, you could easily cease business at any moment with a sole prop. You can stop whenever and however you want, assuming the business is solvent. In other words, you can sell if you get the opportunity or dissolve the business if you get a great job offer.

Reasons to Create an LLC

With those benefits, some may wonder why you would want to incorporate a small business.

  1. One major advantage is that the company records will become more organized. As an LLC you will probably hire someone else to handle records, both financial and business. You and your employees all have packages that are recorded. This result in monitored taxes that get paid promptly. Your business will also have all the required forms, including expenses records. Essentially, everything regarding the business is on record with an LLC
  2. To extend that, you will likely use a CPA to file your tax forms as a business. This improves your accountability and monitoring. You no longer have to worry about maintaining the records yourself. That let you focus on the important task. That lets you focus on the important tasks. As a bonus, this will boost your productivity and help the company thrive.
  3. You will also notice legal advantage when incorporating a business. You get protections if legal issues occur. Specially, lawsuits against the company cannot affect personal assets. That would not be true with a sole prop. This is a particularly strong reason to incorporate as it helps protect the business from lawsuits.
  4. To complement all of this, having a business that is incorporated comes with a better reputation. There is simple another level of respect, both from other owners of business and clients, associate with an incorporated business compared with a sole proprietorship. Since your company can claim its Federal Tax Identification Number, it reaches a different level in terms of business.
  5. Creating a Colorado LLC will also deliver benefits when tax season arrives. The latest tax laws led to changing opportunities that are considered pass-throughs. There are now lowered rates and more available deductions. This mean that what you pay for incorporation will be returned when you file your taxes.
  6. Best of all, it is actually very affordable to incorporate your business. Doing so will not take long or much capital and will deliver a range of advantages. Depending your situation, you may get even more benefits with anonymous LLCs.

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