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Learn to File Articles of Organization in Colorado

To form a Colorado LLC, you file Articles of Organization with the Colorado Secretary of State. There are two options from the Secretary of State to submit the filing. You can do so online or with paper documents via mail. Most companies file online due to the convenience. The majority of companies with special filings still choose to mail them in. You should note that the Articles of Incorporation get filed for Colorado corporations. Find out more about forming a Colorado LLC, registered a Colorado business and our registered agent services.

Colorado Requirements for Article Filing

Corporate Structures & Strategies

You can find the Articles of Organization for Colorado easily, as it is publicly available. For example, your bank could find them for you online. Since it is publicly available, you should publish minimal information concerning the company. The Colorado Secretary of State requires this minimum information:

  • The name of the LLC. This must end in "Limited LC", "LLC", or another designator.
  • A mailing and business address. All our virtual offices include unique business addresses. If you choose to use our services, you can use our address.
  • A "Consent to Appointment" form signed by the registered agent. The agent must physically sign it if filing by mail. If filing online, you simply check a designated box that indicates the consent.
  • The email address used for future correspondence. This email address will be available publicly, and you can use our email address if we create your Colorado LLC.
  • The organizer's signature and name. This is public, and the organizer is who files the documents.
  • The payment.

The Secretary of State's Office works hard to ensure Colorado companies are competitive across the country. As such, online filings get immediately accepted. That lets us offer a 24-hour guarantee for new companies. Documents that are mailed in require three to five business days to process. There is also the option for nominees.

Article Amendments

It is possible to file Article amendments, but this includes a fee. The form is most commonly used in one of two situations. Some companies use it to change their names. Others use it to change from a close LLC to a traditional one or vice versa. Once a filing is accepted, it is posted online.

Requirements for Registered Agents

Colorado does require an agent registered in the state for filing Articles of Organization. As such, you cannot be your agent or use one from a different state for those who live outside of Colorado. Each company must have an agent who has a physical address in Colorado. This agent is particularly important in the case of anonymous LLCs since they are the company's public face. If you do not have an agent, your company will be dissolved.

Reviewing the Filing

There is no process to submit documents for review. This is because the only differences between filings are the name of the company as well as the address. The latter is only in the case of those who purchased a unique address or virtual office. Otherwise, nothing else requires review, so there is no need to do so.


You do not have any reason to worry about Colorado Articles of Organization for your LLC when you work with us. Our formation services will handle every single aspect of the process. This includes the fee and the filing itself. To maintain your anonymity, we file using our information. Our experience ensures we file everything correctly the first time. We gladly make that promise to every single client. This way, you do not have to concern yourself about the formalities.

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