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Asset Protection Trust Formations

Trusts are a legal creation which separates the ownership and control of assets. Assets are owned by the qualified spendthrift trust and the trust has no owners, only a settlor, trustee and beneficiaries. Many states now provide benefits previously reserved for offshore jurisdictions. It is, therefore, important to understand how trusts work, their advantages and whether these advantages apply to you.

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Forming a Limited Liability (LLC) is an important first step for any successful business. Whether your passion is painting houses, consulting, or e-commerce... setting up a company provides tax savings, helps with asset protection and can keep you private. If you choose our law firm, then we do everything for you.

Below we cover the differences between Sole-Proprietorships, Limited Liability Companies and Corporations, including what makes forming a Colorado LLC the most popular choice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What is a Trust?

hink of a trust as a box. You place what you want into the box and put a lid on it. The lid may only be opened according to your instructions. A trust has beneficiaries which benefit from the trust assets, and a trustee which controls the trust. This separation of ownership from control provides protection from creditors. They cannot take what you don’t own.

Fees: $249 The First Year & $99 After (Includes ALL Fees)
Important Documents: Operating Agreement, Articles of Organization,
Resolution to Open a Bank Account & More

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Colorado LLC Benefits

  • Limited Liability
  • Tax Savings
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  • Online Ordering
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Who Can Form a Trust?

Anyone. Trusts have existed for hundreds of years, but this has not bred familiarity. They are often thought of as expensive and complex. This is partly cultivated by trust attorneys to justify their exorbitant rates. Our firm was founded in 2003 as an estate planning law firm and we would be happy to assist you with establishing an asset protection trust.